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A discovery session, where an in-depth analysis of your revenue-producing infrastructure will uncover what does and does not work, and bring to the surface previously untapped opportunities.

Red Face/Blue Face: What Color is your Firm?

A business development workshop on evolving from Technician into Business Advisor. Determine whether your company has a red or blue face in the marketplace. Then, discover the "great divide" between technician and business advisor and how to conquer it.


A participatory presentation to enable people in identifying priorities that drive company and individual growth, and be motivated to achieve higher levels of performance and results.

25 Fundamentals of Business Development

In this workshop, discover the realities that will help you to influence and develop new and profitable business inside difficult economic times.

Custom Workshops

Revenue Advisors will also develop and deliver customized workshops to meet your specific and unique needs.

Speeches & Webinars

Who Moved My Revenue: The Moving Opportunity Phenomenon
Overcoming Revenue Myopia
Counterintuitive Growth
Innovate to Generate
Disruption Breeds Opportunity
Finding New Revenue Streams in the Midst of Economic Retraction

Panels & Functions

MBBI Panelist - January 2010
Plano Rotary Club - February 2010