The Early Stage Company Challenges

The challenges facing early-stage companies and their founders are many. There is a never-ending list of things to do and decisions to be made when you are building a company.  You need the experience to help perform these functions, which is very difficult to afford in the capital-constrained reality that most early-stage companies find themselves in.

  • Early-stage companies usually need revenue and sales assets to produce revenues, but sales assets are expensive and early-stage companies can often not afford them.
  • Early-stage companies often need a “stop-gap” solution when a key executive departs or when a new division, product, service, or vertical is launched.  Many times a founder wants a senior-level executive to oversee a new area or team in the company, but may not have the funding or desire to move to a full-time executive before that area of the business starts to have success to justify the investment.
  • They could benefit from a key executive or experienced leader in an area of the business, but do not have the budget to hire that executive on a full-time basis quite yet.  Hiring an executive is a laborious and time-consuming process. If the hire does not work out, it can be very costly and difficult to move on from that decision.
  • Early-stage startups also often need an experienced advisor who has been an actual operator (read: not a VC or investor) and has the experience, has made the mistakes and learned the lessons of what it takes to start and grow a startup from its beginnings until it is stabilized. SG Consulting brings that experience of starting a SaaS company, growing it over a decade, and successfully selling it.
  • Early-stage companies need help and advice, but many time advisors do not take the necessary time to be inside of the business and give the bespoke and customized advice that the business and founder needs.

RA Consulting offers a hybrid approach to advising and staffing. Founders get both an experienced operator with whom they can plug into different parts of their business as well as a seasoned advisor who has built a company from the ground up.