What We Offer

Advising Services

  • Market research and analysis: Helping companies understand their target market, competition, and the potential demand for their product or service.
  • Revenue model development: We help identify the most effective revenue generation strategies for a company’s specific business and market.
  • Sales strategy and implementation: We assist companies in developing and implementing effective sales processes, building sales pipelines, and securing initial customers.
  • Marketing strategy and implementation: Helping companies to develop and execute marketing campaigns to reach and engage their target customers.
  • Pricing strategy: Assisting companies in determining the optimal pricing for their product or service based on market demand, competition, and cost structure.
  • Business development:  Helping companies establish partnerships and collaborations to drive revenue growth.
  • Metrics and reporting: We assist companies in measuring and tracking the success of their revenue generation efforts and make data-driven decisions to continuously improve.

Embedded Services

  • Operational Leadership
  • Sales, CS, & Marketing Team Leadership
  • Sales Performance & Assets
  • Team Building – Interviewing, Vetting, & Hiring of Sales, Marketing, and C.S. Teams
  • Production of Sales Materials & Collateral
  • Setup of Sales Processes & Motion
  • Setup of Partnership Framework
  • Lead Generation
  • Partnership & Sales Channel Development
  • Systems Implementation – CRM & Marketing Automation Systems