Who We Are

Revenue Advisors was founded by Mark Hinkle. Mark began his career in Silicon Valley at Oracle, one of the largest software companies in the world. Early on in his career, he gained experience in how large and high-growth technology companies operate. From there he moved on to his first sales role at Autobytel Inc. as an Account Executive eventually working his way up to become Sales Director of the entire Western Region of the U.S. In 2010, Mark embarked on his journey as an entrepreneur and co-founded Manzama Inc., a SaaS business intelligence platform for Professional Service firms around the world. Mark presided over all Sales, Marketing, and CS functions and helped to grow the company over 10 years from ideation to millions in recurring revenue ending in a sale of the company to Diligent Inc. in 2019. After the acquisition by Diligent, Mark successfully built a sales team and led the efforts to launch the Manzama product into the global Diligent customer base.

Mark’s mission and passion is to help other entrepreneurs and early-stage companies to achieve success down the difficult path to revenue and profitability.